RZ Free Burner

RZ Free Burner 3.0

RZ Free Burner is a free-to-use CD and DVD burning app with extra functionality

RZ Free Burner is a free-to-use CD and DVD burning app with extra functionality. It allows you to burn your data to multiple types of discs, including Blu-ray discs. Between the extra tools, you will find an audio CD ripper and a CD-RW disc eraser. The program allows you not only to burn data to recordable discs, but also to create ISO image files.

The program's interface is a bit uncolored, though it somehow looks nice and pleasant. There is a clearly identified toolbar on the top side that lets you choose the type of recordable disc you want to use or the task you want the program to perform. You can select among creating data or audio CDs, video DVDs, or burning an existing ISO image to a blank disc. Note that when creating a video DVD, you can only use an already existing DVD folder as source, complete with all the required elements, such as the IFO files.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the CD-RW disc eraser allows you to choose between a “fast” and a “complete” erase method. The program will let you select your burning drive (when more than one is available) and you can also configure some other general preferences, such as the burning speed and the number of copies you want to get. In general terms, this program is a good free option to cover your CD, DVD or Blu-ray burning purposes, as long as these are not too sophisticated.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Nice and pleasant environment
  • Allows you to burn multiple types of discs
  • Includes an audio CD ripper and a CD-RW disc eraser
  • Allows you to create ISO image files


  • A bit uncolored user interface
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